We focus on acquiring and establishing businesses that can deliver sustainable solutions to meet the essential needs of people. We are dedicated to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, while also promoting social and environmental responsibility.

American Development Corp

Welcome to our real estate construction and development firm, where we specialize in creating beautiful homes for middle- and high-income families. Our team leverages our extensive experience, purchasing and negotiation power to build modern and practical homes in prime locations, ensuring both affordability and profitability. Our Luxury Homes Collection redefines high-end living with its modern designs, open spaces, and worldly inspired products. We take great care to ensure that every home we build reflects the unique identity of each buyer, providing our clients with a truly one-of-a-kind living experience. As an investor, you can trust that we prioritize profitability and return on investment while maintaining our commitment to building homes that people love. us as your investment partner

Daystar Payment systems

An One-of-a-kind Payment Processor ideally positioned as a true one-stop-shop solution for merchants of all sizes, ranging from small mom and pop shops to large enterprises. Daystar offers a comprehensive suite of financial services that includes state-of-the-art POS systems, virtual terminals, secure payment gateways, chargeback protection and secured business loans. What sets us apart from our competitors is our direct relationship with acquiring banks, which enables us to approve and process payments for all legal businesses both in the United States and abroad, with settlement in dozens of currencies.

Personal Chefs

Personal Chefs is a premier foodtech company renowned for producing healthy, ready-to-eat meals with exceptional brand recognition and a loyal consumer base that consistently gives us 5-star reviews. As a forward-thinking foodtech innovator, we use cutting-edge flash-frozen technology to ensure our meals remain as fresh as the day they were prepared. Choose from 80+ gluten-free dishes made with natural ingredients, crafted by nutritionists, and prepared by master chefs. Sold online and to businesses in retail, hospitality, and fitness sectors. Join us in revolutionizing the food industry with delicious, healthy, and sustainable meals sourced directly from local farm

Smoothie Zone

A revolutionary smoothie company that is set to take the health food industry by storm. Our company is poised to become a full-fledged franchise in 2023-2024, thanks to our unique approach to creating fresh smoothies made entirely from 100% fresh fruits and vegetables. Unlike other smoothie companies, Smoothie Zone does not use any synthetic or processed ingredients, instead, we carefully craft each recipe to meet the essential needs of the human body at any age, with the help of expert nutritionists and researchers. Our nutrient-rich smoothies offer the benefits of a balanced meal, ideal for health-conscious consumers. Excitingly, in 2024, our bottled smoothies will hit shelves in health food stores, fitness centers, hospitals, and cater to consumers with dietary needs. Committed to freshness and natural ingredients, Smoothie Zone aims to lead the health food industry.

Chargeback Amy

Chargeback Army, a company that specializes in chargeback and fraud prevention solutions for businesses. One of the most significant challenges businesses face when dealing with chargebacks is friendly fraud. This occurs when a consumer disputes a legitimate transaction with their bank, leading to a chargeback. Chargeback Army has recognized this problem and is dedicated to developing solutions that eliminate this leading cause of chargebacks. Chargeback Army develops software to prevent chargebacks by facilitating instant communication between businesses and consumers, ultimately reducing the risk of friendly fraud and saving costs for businesses

Cryogenics Cosmetics

As a cutting-edge high-tech company, Cryogenic Cosmetics specializes in non-invasive methods to freeze the aging process. Our groundbreaking product is the first of its kind, formulated with five of the most researched and proven ingredients that prevent and reverse the signs of aging, making us a breakthrough in the beauty industry. We are proud to be backed by hundreds of scientific papers from the world’s most prestigious universities, ensuring that our products are grounded in the latest research

Our Strategic Focus

Our investment strategy is focused on acquiring and establishing companies that can deliver exceptional value to consumers in terms of quality, safety, and sophistication. By prioritizing these fundamental needs, we believe we can build sustainable businesses that can generate significant returns for our investors.

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