Private Investment. Stategic Focus.

1212 Capital Partners is a private investment firm dedicated to identifying and supporting promising small-to-medium-sized enterprises that cater to essential human needs.

Our Diverse Spectrum of Expertise

Embrace our unique areas of expertise, spanning from Food & Drink to Personal Care, Payment Processing, Real Estate, and Green Energy, resulting in holistic solutions tailored to meet evolving market demands.

Real Estate

Expertise in crafting bespoke homes and luxury living experiences


Efficient business payment solutions of all natures and sizes

health & wellness

Promoting holistic well-being through innovative health initiatives

Green Energy

Driving sustainability with renewable solutions for a greener future


Innovative food service solutions revolutionizing hospitality ops.

Personal Care

Elevating self-care routines with quality products and expertise

Our Strategic Focus

Our investment strategy is focused on acquiring and establishing companies that can deliver exceptional value to consumers in terms of quality, safety, and sophistication. By prioritizing these fundamental needs, we believe we can build sustainable businesses that can generate significant returns for our investors.

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