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Just like in wine-making and beer-making process, making ethanol from sugarcane requires the process of fermentation to occur before sugarcane alcohol can be made.


Sugarcane is one of the world's important agricultural crops with a long history of use for the production of food, energy and co-products.


Growing across many countries in tropical and subtropical regions, sugarcane has a significant global footprint.


Brazil is recognized as the top country from sugarcane farming and boats an impressive 26.1% of the global usage for ethanol.


Sugarcane from ethanol plays an important role in the fuel market.
It also presents a better strategic position to get the environmental targets.

Sustainability of Sugarcane Industry

Ethanol from sugarcane can be made by using either fresh sugarcane juice or by the fermentation of cane sugar, which is compromised of sugar granules made from sugarcane.

Ethanol from
Sugarcane Production

Ethanol production at home using the fermentation of sugarcane  cane sugar will result in a homemade sugarcane wine. If distilled, it will turn into rum, which has a higher alcohol by volume content.

Sourcing land

The partners at 1212 Capital have over 30 years experience finding the best land to grow sugarcane, thus increasing profitability.


All farmers employed by 1212 Capital Partners receive higher than average wages and get basic healthcare. This raises overall productivity.


Contracts have been secured with the local Brazilian refineries.  All prices have been negotiated allowing predictable profits.

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