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At 1212 Capital Partners, we believe that sustainability is key to achieving lasting success. We also believe that sustainable business is important for sound investments with the opportunity for portfolio diversification and incredible financial growth. This is why we have invested in the sugarcane, ethanol and the real estate business in Brazil, where our employees are provided higher wages and significant health benefits compared to other organizations.

At 1212 Capital Partners, we have provided our employees the very best opportunities and cover. We believe that when our workforce is taken care of, they invest in the success of the business as much as we invest in them.

The 1212 Capital Partners
The 1212 Capital Partners

With the enormous growth of the sugarcane and ethanol industry in Brazil, we take the necessary steps to ensure the very interests of every employee who becomes part of our family remains respected and valued. Our ability to provide our workforce the benefits they deserve has put us at a significant industry advantage. A powerful workforce contributes to increased production and higher profitability. Our employee retention and satisfaction far outweigh the industry average contributing to our lucrativeness as an investment firm. We continue to grow, expand and improve our bottom line proving favorable for the smart investor.

We take pride in the fact that we invest in value and will not compromise our standards, assuring our investors of quality investments and financial solutions they can trust.

We invest our own funds alongside those of our institutional investors.
We have committed funds which means we can move quickly and with certainty.

A Message From CEO

 1212 is a positive force in the economic recovery of Brazil, specifically its real estate and renewable energy sectors. We, here at 1212 Capital Partners, have been on the ground floor, for the past 12-months, engaging with local workers, companies, and officials to identify opportunities that provide double-digit growth, year-on-year. We are partnering with investors to share in our proven track record of success, not only for ourselves, but also for those whom we employ and support.

Brazil is the #1 producer of sugarcane worldwide and demand outstrips supply each year. The crops produced are now predominantly utilized as an alternative and renewable fuel. We could stop there, but experience demands that we diversify risk. Therefore, we are also invested in the real estate sector. The Brazilian government recognized that homeownership is fundamental to economic recovery.   The “My Home, My Life” policy, which provides mortgages for lower-income families is fueling that turnaround, and our units are specifically designed to meet this policies criteria. 

Typically, these types of opportunities are only available to those with considerable liquidity. However, 1212 Capital Partners has been designed from the ground-up to service those who are knowledgeable, risk-averse, dynamic investors who seek double-digit returns outside of the typical market plays. Brazil is that journey, that opportunity.

My decades of experience in emerging markets has brought me to understand they are ready to be unleashed. Not with reckless abandon, but with careful planning and risk mitigation, underpinned by transparency, ethical integrity, environmental awareness, and social consciousness.

I look forward to building a sustainable, ethical, and profitable partnership with each of you. My vision and intention is to build this company with integrity, honesty, and abundance. I am available at your discretion for an exchange of views. For contact and more info- lukas@1212capitalpartners.com


1212 Capital Partners consists of a group of capital investors who are constantly seeking sound global opportunities that will outperform the traditional market. We aim to invest in inflation resistant trade while presenting our interested partners in the most valuable, secure and rewarding investments in Brazil.

As a professional investment firm that has employed a diverse and respected workforce, we have ensured our workers are well paid and protected. We take immense pride in the fact that we are one of the few firms who not only seeks to invest in global markets but also invest in the welfare and the satisfaction of our employees.

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We aim to continue to provide every member of our team the value they deserve. Our employees are part of our family with special focus on admiration and mutual respect that have contributed to the lasting success of our practices and services.


To continue to employ talented, skilled and knowledgeable workers while providing every staff member the respect we display to our family members. We wish to continue to expand upon our professional processes and practices by investing in the care and quality of our staff.