4 Reasons to Build a Sustainable Business

Build a Sustainable Business

4 Reasons to Build a Sustainable Business

Building a sustainable business brings more profits, better employees, more resiliency, and makes you more competitive, among a long list of other benefits.


Building a sustainable business brings more profits, better employees, more resiliency, and makes you more competitive, among a long list of other benefits. It is no longer a burden on business to implement sustainable practices. Your customers demand it, your employees prefer it, and your bottom line will appreciate it.

Business and Sustainable Development Goals


Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Member States, adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, in 2015.  It is meant to be a call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030. Goal number 12 has a framework of 11 targets and 13 indicators that business can follow and build their own goals towards becoming a sustainable business. 

Build business resilience through sustainability

Research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology states that 37% of businesses are reporting profit from sustainability and as many as one in two companies have adapted their business model to take advantage of sustainability opportunities.

With today’s changing climate and the increase of extreme weather events, it has become urgent to develop and maintain ambitious resiliency plans.  A company needs to be able to adapt to ensure business continuity in the face of climate related physical risks.  They are also finding the need to assess the connection, dependencies and value to society and nature. 

Sustainable business builds strong business


Sustainable Business

Building a sustainable business is no longer just a trend. Results creates better efficiencies, helps you become more competitive, and results in more profits. Having a sustainability plan means you assess all aspects of business, from the supply chain all the way down to the end life.  Switching to renewable energy and other energy saving practices can save you big on operational costs.  Reducing waste, or achieving zero waste, brings great cost savings as well.

Huge meta-analysis shows that 88% of studies that focus on sustainable business found that companies with sustainable practices showed better operations performance.  It also had a positive effect on stock prices. 

Changes for creating a sustainable business

Reducing CO2 from our atmosphere is the best way to combat our changing climate. The top three areas your business can make change are transportation, energy and food. Transportation accounts for 29% of the total US greenhouse gas emissions, electricity accounts for 27%, and food systems are responsible for about ¼ of greenhouse gasses generated by human activity.

There are many ways to reduce emissions in your day to day operations. Switching to electric vehicles for your fleet is a major endeavor but giving an incentive to employees for riding public transportation is easy.

Putting solar panels on your roof will make the biggest impact, but so will switching all your lighting to LED or just utilizing natural light.

Educating your employees about food choices is one way to reduce worldwide emissions, but for the office, replace all the disposables with reusable.  This means beans instead of individual disposable coffee cups and washable dishes.

You can see more solutions in our article Changes for creating a sustainable business

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